During the full Inter-Congress days in the Morasko Campus (28-30.Augst) you will be served cold lunch boxes. They will be distributed for 4 dietary options marked with different colours: 1/ vegetarian (green colour), 2/ vegan & lactose-free (yellow colour), 3/ gluten-free (blue colour), and 4/ non-vegetarian (brown colour). Please stick to the dietary option which you have selected during the on-line registration process so as not deprive those with dietetic restrictions to have their chosen meal.

It has been our ambition to provide Participants with coffee throughout the day, not only during allotted coffee breaks. That is why we have organised a ‘continuous coffee break’ which means that you can enjoy a coffee whenever you want in the main venue. Our catering provider serves fair trade coffee. During the official coffee breaks you will be also served sweets and apples, and other refreshments, including local herbal and regular tea.

Tap water in Poznań is safe to drink and rich in Calcium and Magnesium. In order to reduce plastic waste and make our conference environmentally friendly – together with our Partner, Aquanet SA – we encourage you to use the Inter-Congress bottles – made in the EU and recyclable – which you will receive with your conference materials at registration.

Recycling. Please make sure that you utilise the fewest possible vessels and utensils. Your cup is reusable, so there’s no need to throw it away after a single use. Lunches boxes and cups are all biodegradable. If you no longer need them, please take them to the waste selection point and we will make sure that they get to the right place. Think about the environment.
Bear in mind that during the summer holidays no buffets or cafes are open in the Campus, but we have arranged for you an open-air food court with snacks, ice-cream, and drinks. You can pay by card there.