In order to connect scholars and activists, the IUAES 2019 organisers have invited a number of non-governmental organisations, who act towards building world solidarities, both locally and globally, to take part in the Inter-Congress.

Buy Responsibly Foundation

Buy Responsibly Foundation is a nationwide organisation focusing on sustainable development and environmental protection, responsible consumption and production, as well as respect for human rights and environmental principles in business. The goal of the Foundation is to raise awareness of Polish citizens and increase their ability to make environmentally and socially responsible consumer choices and to increase the influence of Polish consumers over Polish companies and global corporations to improve their environmental protection and human rights standards. The Foundation implements informational and educational projects, works with teachers and other NGOs, interacts with business and governmental and administrative bodies, organises conferences, seminars, meetings, debates, film screenings, events, exhibitions, festivals, and training sessions.

During the IUAES 2019, the Foundation will present an exhibition “Let’s fix fashion” on conscious consumption in the context of minimalism, recycling, upcycling, and less and zero-waste movements. The exhibition deals with problems related to the global production of clothing. The audience will have a chance to familiarise themselves with terms such as fast fashion and global clothing production as well as to find out how the particular stages of clothing production look. The exhibition also offers practical tips on how to make day-to-day informed consumer choices. The Foundation’s activists will answer all your questions.

Time: 28 August (Wednesday) – 30 August (Friday), 9.00-16.00
Place: Morasko Campus, the passage above the main hall

Polish Centre for International Aid

Polish Centre for International Aid was established in 2006 and since then it has implemented projects in Lebanon, Ukraine, Nepal, Peru, South Sudan, Uganda, Tajikistan, Palestine, Georgia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, and Burkina Faso. The core areas of its interest are disaster preparedness, health and education, shelter, secure livelihoods, and refugee assistance. The mission of the Foundation is to provide humanitarian, development and rescue assistance to those in need throughout the world, while maintaining the basic principles of humanitarianism, impartiality, neutrality, and independence.

During the IUAES 2019 the videos on the Foundation’s work will be screened in the main hall and the Foundation’s representative and project coordinator in Iraq, Dr. Dorota Woroniecka-Krzyżanowska, will answer all questions about the Foundation’s activities.

Time: 28 August (Wednesday), 10.45-17.00
Place: Morasko Campus, the main hall

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take a personal stand against injustice. AI campaigns for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. The Organisation lobbies governments and other powerful groups such as companies, making sure they keep their promises and respect international law. It also mobilises millions of supporters around the world to campaign for change and to stand in defense of activists on the frontline, and supports people to claim their rights through education and training.

During the Inter-Congress, AI (Poznań chapter) will run an information desk on its local activities and collect signatures. There will also be an interactive game for Inter-Congress Participants.

Time: 29 August (Thursday), 9.30-18.00 & 30 August (Friday), 12.00-15.00
Place: Morasko Campus, the main hall


Imaginarium is the initiative of a sociologist and cultural anthropologist from Poznań, Olga Stobiecka-Rozmiarek, who is a drama teacher in areas of intercultural education, social integration, animation of local community and diversity education. Under the name ‘Imaginarium’ she works with youth, intercultural groups, migrants, refugees, women, seniors, people with disabilities, people who face difficult socio-economic situation, and youth from care institutions. She trains adults willing to gain new tools and methods to work with young people in the areas of applied drama, social integration, and activating local communities. Imaginarium primarily designs social and cultural projects promoting solidarity and social change.

During the Inter-Congress, Olga Stobiecka-Rozmiarek will hold a workshop on “Experiencing World Solidarity Using Applied Drama Methods”. The workshops’ participants will have a chance to explore the use of the innovative method of applied drama, working with people on the topic of diversity and solidarity. During the workshop, participants will experience different applied drama exercises such as warm-ups and Image Theatre. They will also explore basic anthropological concepts using body expression and build creative results based on the group’s experience of the Inter-Congress’s leitmotif of World Solidarities.

Time: 30 August (Friday), 11.00-12.45 (part 1) & 13.45-15.30 (part 2)
Place: Morasko Campus, room 2.154

IMPORTANT: To enrol for the workshop, please write an email titled “Experiencing World Solidarity” at
Number of participants is limited (16 persons)


WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

During the Inter-Congress, the Foundation will show videos on current environmental issues in the region, including energy transition in Upper Silesia in Poland.

Time & Place:

29 August (Thursday) & 31 August (Saturday) – short videos screened in the main hall, Morasko Campus
31 August (Saturday), 12.45-14.30 – screening of the documentary film on energy transition in Upper Silesia in Poland, Morasko Campus, room 2.122

La Strada Foundation

La Strada Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that work to prevent human trafficking through lobbying and victim support. It organises legal, psychological, and social assistance for victims, and runs two shelters and a 24-hour helpline. The Foundation also organises educational projects for schools and provides training for border guards and police.

During the Inter-Congress, the Foundation will run an information desk on its activities against human trafficking.

Time: 29 August (Thursday) – 30 August (Friday), 9.00-16.00
Place: Morasko Campus, the main hall

Pride March in Gniezno (Poland)

Pride March in Gniezno (Poland) is an informal group consisting of both non-heteronormative and heteronormative people, who hold events such as discussions, screenings, and workshops to support LGBT+ rights. On 13 April 2019 they organised the first-ever Pride March in Gniezno – a small city situated 50 km from Poznań which is considered to be the first capital of Poland – which gathered some 300 people. Initially, the march was banned by the Mayor of Gniezno, but when eventually legalised through the court order, its participants had to face approx. 500 football hooligans, members of the extreme right-wing organisations as well as ruling party, who verbally and physically attacked the march participants. The events caught attention of numerous regional, national, and international media. Reporters from Aftenposten (Norway) came along to take testimonies of both sides in form of a short film which will be screened over the Inter-Congress.

During the Inter-Congress, the march organisers will give a talk about the event, alongside presentation and videos.

Time: 29 August (Thursday), 15.30-16.00
Place: room 1.63 (at the main hall), Morasko Campus

The Oskar Kolberg Institute

The Oskar Kolberg Institute is a research and publishing institution, which main task is editing and disseminating the legacy of Oskar Kolberg – a ninetieth-century Polish ethnographer, folklorist, and composer. Through systematic research, the Institute has published till today 89 volumes of The Complete Works of Oscar Kolberg, as well as has been involved in many other projects related to folklore studies, ethnography and ethnomusicology.

During the Inter-Congress, the Institute will run an information desk on its activities.

Time: 28 August (Wednesday) – 30 August (Friday), 9.00-16.00 & 31 August (Saturday), 10.00-14.00
Place: Morasko Campus, the main hall