One more workshop offered to the IUAES 2019 Participants

WORKSHOP “Experiencing World Solidarity Using Applied Drama Methods” by Olga Stobiecka-Rozmiarek

30 August, 11.00-12.45 (part 1), 13.45-15.30 (part 2)

The workshop is based on experiential learning approach and different techniques of body expression. Its participants will have a chance to explore the use of the innovative method of applied drama, working with people on the topic of diversity and solidarity. The basic questions we are going to answer are: what is the role of ‘me’ while meeting ‘the Other’?; what happens on the edge of meeting between ‘We’ and ‘They’?; how to build solidarity and the idea of Ubuntu among people from all around the world?; what could be the role of an anthropologist in the process of peace education?

Participants will:

  • experience different applied drama exercises such as warm-ups and Image Theatre
  • explore basic anthropological concept using body expression;
  • build creative results based on the group’s experience referring to the Inter-Congress’s leitmotif of World Solidarities.

Olga Stobiecka-Rozmiarek is a sociologist and cultural anthropologist from Poznań who works as an applied drama teacher in areas of intercultural and diversity education. Since 2005 she has been working with diverse groups such as youth, intercultural groups, migrants, refugees, women, seniors, people with disabilities, people who face difficult socio-economic situation, and youth from care institutions. Under the name ‘Imaginarium’ she designs social and cultural projects promoting solidarity and social change.

To enrol for the workshop, please write an email titled “Experiencing World Solidarity” at
Number of participants is limited (16 person).